Rotronics Battery Management Solutions has been delivering its “Battery Management Programmes” for over 10 years. With over 40 years of experience within the Automotive and Battery Industry. We deliver simple, Safe and pro-active battery maintenance programmes, generating cost effective and demonstrable solutions, supporting any workshop environment in increasing vehicle reliability and battery performance.

We are proud to be suppliers to Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service, who have been using our “Battery Management Programme” since 2010. The Group have a multitude of Frontline and LGV vehicles within their fleet, and with many of them driving for as little as 3-4 miles in any one call out, the “drive cycle” pays a heavy toll on batteries serviceability and Performance. The modern fire engine incorporates a number of “power hungry” on-board systems, including vehicle mobilisation and data transfer units, lighting and auxiliary power generation. The importance of guaranteed battery power availability is proven to be of critical importance.#


This is what Mick Moore Eng Tech, MSOE, MIRTE Fleet Engineering and Transport Manager, for Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has to say:

“In partnership with Rotronics, we have developed and adopted a “Total” Battery Management solution that has to date produced significant savings with the reduction in Battery replacement costs and reported defects. We have seen 40% reduction in battery replacement cost sand Reduced battery related non-starts by more than 50%”


The Rotronics Battery Management programme, uses Midtronics latest generation Battery Testing and Charging products, and is designed to work integrated within your regular workshop maintenance procedures.

  • Simply test the vehicle batteries using our dedicated Fleet EXP1000FHD Diagnostic Tester when the vehicle enters the workshop, to establish battery and Electrical system condition.
  • The unique feature of the tester not only identifies the condition of the batteries, and lets you know whether they are “serviceable” flat or require replacing, but advises you on whether the 24V set is “in Balance”.
  • Batteries requiring charging or “Balancing” are then connected to the 50Amp twin output “balancing” charger, for simple and easy “in-vehicle” charging
  • Test results can be printed to verify condition and action required to minimise the risk of premature or “in Service failure”
  • All data is stored onto the Testers internal SD card, enabling an effective audit route for each time the vehicles batteries are tested.



  • Designed to perform a “full system test” in under 90 seconds
  • Suitable for 12V and 24V Systems and all Battery technologies
  • User and Vehicle identification stored for every test performed
  • Integrated Amp Clamp to measure parasitic drain
  • High Speed infra-red printer
  • Storage trolley for ease of mobility and storage around workshop



  • To deliver a bespoke training module meeting your workshop and vehicle needs
  • Free consultation and demonstration of equipment
  • Review of testing analysis to ensure programme compliance
  • Delivery of a pro-active “Battery Management programme”, saving you Time, Money and Increasing your Fleet Reliability