Workshops Must Prepare for Decreasing New Vehicle Production

The demand for battery management programmes within workshops is predicted to increase dramatically in 2021, as a decline in new vehicle production means older vehicles will continue operating for longer. The increase in older vehicles used on the road will boost requirements for workshop servicing, including battery management.

Car Manufacturing Output Declines 27%

According to SMMT (2021), this year has been the “weakest January since 2009, as UK car manufacturing output declines -27.3% to 86,052 units – the 17th consecutive monthly decline”. Global supply chain problems, less vehicle demand and the pandemic have caused a decline in production, making vehicle maintenance a top industry priority.

Providing a proactive battery management programme as part of your workshops offering will provide a new revenue stream during this uncertain time. It can also improve customer service opportunities, by keeping customers’ cars working in good condition for longer.

COVID-19 restrictions are predicted to lift in the coming months, causing increased vehicles on the road which may have been sitting idle, with drained and faulty batteries. This increase will produce a higher demand for workshops overall, as the UK population returns to the roads. It's important workshops are prepared for the increased demand, with a proven battery management programme capable of identifying battery problems before they cause vehicle non-starts and breakdowns.

Recommended Servicing Products

To service vehicle batteries within a workshop environment, we recommend the Midtronics CPX900 Battery Tester, and the Midtronics DCA8000 Dynamic Diagnostic Charging System. These products are suitable for identifying and reducing battery defects, by testing and charging every relevant vehicle that comes into the workshop.

We also recommend current battery management equipment is serviced and calibrated, to prepare for increased testing and charging requirements. 

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