CTEK Showroom charging - a case study

Introducing a showroom charging solution, to ensure reliable battery performance, enhance the customer experience and protect vehicle manufacturer and retailer reputation.


How do we keep an accurate account of the charge levels for all of the vehicles in our showroom? That’s the question asked by many leading vehicle manufacturers and their retailers.

Industry statistics suggest that as many as two out of three vehicles in a showroom has a battery that needs attention. In the majority of cases, it’s not a defect with the battery that’s the problem, it’s that the battery needs charging and conditioning. And so for the retailer, knowing when a vehicle battery in the showroom needs a charge is vital in helping them to deliver a first-class experience to the customer, right from the moment they step into the showroom.

Effective battery management in the showroom addresses three key needs. Firstly, it’s the customer experience in the showroom. Visitors want to see and experience everything that the vehicle has to offer. Simple things such as opening a door will drain power from the battery, so when you start to factor in windows, central locking, in-car entertainment and other electrical functions, you can start to see the importance of regular battery maintenance. Secondly, it’s about  customer satisfaction. Manufacturers and their retailers want to protect against premature battery failure after the vehicle has left the showroom. They want their customers to enjoy the ultimate, hassle-free driving experience. Thirdly, by maximising customer experience and satisfaction the reputation of the manufacturer and the retailer benefits greatly.

With many showrooms not having the facility to permanently connect batteries to mains power, manufacturers and  retailers were looking for a showroom battery management solution that enabled showroom staff to not only quickly and easily check the state of charge of the battery, but also deliver a charge, without needing assistance from a qualified workshop technician.

A battery testing trial was undertaken across a selection of showrooms in Europe to understand the scale of the challenge. Batteries were tested with the following results:

Test Results %





The tests identified that less than a third of batteries in vehicles could be considered in ideal condition.

“Our clients wanted to make sure that a great customer experience continued once the vehicle had left the showroom. Making sure that the battery left the showroom 100% charged and conditioned was fundamental to making sure this was the case.” - Ken Clark, Rotronics, CTEK UK Distributor.



The CTEK Showroom Battery Care Programme is a proactive approach to battery care and now forms part of many manufacturers brand and retailer customer satisfaction strategies. With the right CTEK equipment, battery related problems in the showroom can be eliminated, maximizing customer experience, protecting dealership and brand reputation and avoiding unnecessary costs.



A portable accessory that provides a quick and easy way to permanently monitor battery condition, enabling showroom staff to check the state of battery charge in a matter of seconds. Using a simple LED traffic light system, the Comfort indicator can be left permanently attached to the battery via crocodile clips, providing a visual indication as to the state of a battery, without needing to be plugged into a mains power source.


The Comfort Indicator’s flashing GREEN light reveals that the battery is fully charged and does not need attention. An ORANGE light indicates a good state of charge but advises that the battery may need attention in the short term. A RED light indicates that a battery needs to be charged immediately, not only to be able to start  the vehicle but to avoid the danger of the battery being permanently damaged through excessive discharge leading to sulphation – the biggest battery killer.


The powerful yet simple to use CTEK XS 7000 is a seven-step smart ‘connect and forget’ charger that will not only charge but also condition and maintain the battery. The unique CTEK Comfort Connect system allows the charger to be connected straight to the Comfort Indicator, enabling showroom staff to safely, simply and quickly deliver a charge without assistance from a technician.


 This highly successful battery management programme has been implemented in many dealerships across Europe. Each vehicle located in either the showroom or on the forecourt is fitted with a Comfort Indicator and showroom staff are now able to check the state of the battery instantly.

The battery management programme has:

  • Reduced spend on battery related servicing prior to the vehicle being released to the customer
  • Reduced battery related warranty returns
  • Maintained customer satisfaction by removing any risk of battery associated complaints
  • Maintained maximum charge on all vehicles stored at dealerships
  • Increased the ability to fully demonstrate vehicles in a showroom setting
  • Increased showroom staff commitment to vehicle maintenance