Global Battery Management Training


Midlands-based Rotronics (, who are at the forefront of battery management innovations and service solutions in the UK, conducted their first global training session via Webex for Midtronics Brazil and USA, to provide guidance on optimising the performance of Midtronics’ chargers, fault diagnosis and repair processes.

Six delegates from Chicago and Brazil joined Rotronics managing director, Ken Clark, and his team for the hour-long Webex training session on the Midtronics CXPRO50/2 chargers.  Rotronics has been the UK distributor for the Midtronics range of products since 2003 and was asked to conduct the training programme for the global team by Midtronics because of their in-depth knowledge of the products and battery management solutions.

Ken Clark, managing director at Rotronics, says:  “This was a fantastic first for us, to be able to share the knowledge we have built up of the Midtronics products with their own internal teams in Brazil and the USA.  We had minor technical teething problems at the beginning of the session but otherwise it was a seamless hour of remote training between the UK, Brazil and the USA.

Continues Ken:  “It was a great way for us to offer support to the global teams and none of us had to get on a plane.  We can now hold future remote training sessions both in the UK and Europe, where the opportunity permits.”

Rotronics works with workshop and fleet customers to deliver simple, effective battery and electrical system testing processes that integrate into every-day workshop practices.

The Rotronics Battery Management Programmes are individual to each customer and are designed to improve workshop productivity and fault diagnosis and determine failures within a fleet, before there is an impact on the business.

Return-on-investment can be demonstrated through both sales and fleet maintenance programmes. Each customer is given the expertise and know-how to maximise fault diagnosis, increase workshop productivity and customer service within their own workshop.

The Rotronics Battery Management Programme keeps a full record of use and allows customers to monitor and track their fleet’s battery performance.

Rotronics is part of Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd, a company at the forefront of automotive component technology since the birth of the motor car and has been synonymous with quality and enterprise over the years.

For further information, please contact:

 Lindsay Guy:  07823 771 123, [email protected]

Ken Clark:  07801 033 191, 0121 526 8185, [email protected]