PRO Power1300 12v Hybrid Capacitor Pack


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  • Description

    The very latest Technology starter pack, using Hybrid capacitor Technology. Delivering a lightweight and powerful alternative to traditional "battery powered" booster packs.
  • Features

    • Latest generation Hybrid Ultra capacitor Technology
    • Ultra lightweight
    • Built in battery supporting recharging of capacitor
    • 2 Year full warranty
    • Casing Lifetime warranty
    • Heavy duty clamps and cables
  • Specification

    • Weight: 4.3 kilo
    • 10,000 cycles - generating a 10 year lifespan
    • Polarity protection
    • “Glow mode” for diesel engine starts
    • Override feature (enabling starting of vehicle without battery)
    • LED light on Negative clamp
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PRO Power1300 12v Hybrid Capacitor Pack

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