The Importance of Servicing and Calibrating Your Equipment

Our technicians recommend you take some time to review the battery management equipment utilised within your workshops, to ensure products are performing in optimal condition. If battery testers and chargers are not functioning correctly, it may be time for a service, calibration, or repair. For most manufacturers, it’s recommended that a service or calibration should be performed each year, to confirm accurate readings and for auditing purposes.

Workshop environments can cause devices, cables, and amp clamps to degrade over time, becoming dirty and inaccurate. To ensure you’re receiving the best return on investment for your products, we recommend services and calibrations are conducted by brand or product specialists.

Our team of service and repair specialists can support your requirements, as the UK partners for Midtronics and CTEK. We support the service and calibration of a variety of devices, such as the best-selling Midtronics EXP1000FHD, and CPX900 tester. Our products are able to test and charge AGM, flooded, EFB or GEL batteries, keeping vehicles powered for the road ahead.

Managing Director, Ken Clark, explains how “it always surprises us when we discover workshops have broken, but important, battery management equipment lying in disrepair. It’s important to educate technicians how to get their equipment serviced and repaired, as it may even still be within warranty”.

If a battery tester is not serviced and calibrated regularly, inaccurate readings will prevent accurate diagnosis, potentially costing workshops time and money. It’s important to consider if cables are in good working condition and when equipment was last serviced and calibrated. If there are signs of damage, or it has been an extended period since the last calibration, we can offer a 24-hour turnaround, so your workshop’s productivity won’t be negatively impacted.

Making sure that your testers are always operating with the most up-to-date software can allow workshops to diagnose modern battery types, such as EFBs and start/stop applications. We’re able to identify if your device needs an update quickly and easily. This will reduce the chances of inaccurate data, which can harm company reputation and revenue opportunities.

Battery related issues are the number one reason for vehicle non-starts, so it’s likely that vehicles entering workshops will be in need of battery charges or replacements. Winter can cause an increase in demand, so it’s best to make sure your equipment is ready to go.


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