Our battery chargers and battery testers can support your plant machinery battery maintenance specifications through trusted suppliers including Midtronics and CTEK. Expert consultations and training from our team will ensure efficient plant machinery battery reliability and performance, increasing productivity and long-term revenue for your business.

We also support your battery management needs through battery tester/charger calibrations, warranties, and repairs, which allow your plant machinery capabilities to continue to run effectively. Scroll to the bottom to explore our plant machinery compatible products.

Take a look at our plant machinery battery charger and tester range here.

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Plant Vehicle Specialists

When a workshop or warehouse is reliant on plant machinery to perform a series of tasks, it can be devastating to discover a vehicle has failed to start due to something as manageable as the battery. The health and safety of employees can also be put at risk when a machine fails to complete its designated job, as employees may have to manually carry out a task.

To minimise battery-related issues such as non-starts, and to protect the health and safety of employees, a regulated battery management programme is crucial. This will allow employees to identify when a machine is operating ineffectively, or if it needs a battery charge or replacement.

We recommend battery tests are performed as regularly as possible on plant machinery, to reduce risks and increase productivity. We also recommend batteries are kept in balance, with continued charging throughout the downtime. If machines are continually out of use, it can be costly for a company’s reputation and for income opportunities. Investing in professional-grade plant machinery battery charger and testing equipment is vital.

High Quality Products and Training

Alongside our high-quality battery testers and chargers, we can provide training, as well as servicing and calibration, to ensure test readings are always accurate and reliable.

If it’s discovered a battery is faulty, battery tests can ensure warranties hold, so businesses don’t lose out on valuable time and money. Our products can also be paired with our unique web-based reporting system, ROBIS, to produce maximum return on investment. Our personalised portal includes battery test tracking, as well as warranty claims and live data on the state of a machine’s battery charge. We can support the management of a variety of battery types, such as AGM and EFB batteries, typical in plant hire machinery.

The Midtronics EXP1000FHD tester and CXPRO 50/2 charger, are among our recommendations for suitable testing and charging requirements. Our technicians possess extensive experience working directly within plant vehicles, to maintain a reliable battery management programme.

Battery Testing

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