Emergency Services

The Rotronics team has over 30 years of combined expertise in providing battery management solutions to Emergency Vehicle workshops across the UK. We currently work with several fire services, ambulance services and local authorities who are using our equipment and are seeing the benefits of the programme.

We use the very latest in battery testing/charging technology and our industry first battery data portal, ROBIS, enabling workshop management to track and measure battery and workshop performance as it happens.

With a comprehensive battery management and testing programme, you will be taking the steps to fewer vehicle breakdowns, cost saving through extended battery life and fewer battery replacement and see an uplift in valid warranty claims to your battery supplier.

We work together with you, our customer, to find out the specific needs of your workshop. We know and understand the urgency of these vehicle being able to start first time and be on the road quickly. We recognise that any non-starts are a problem for the emergency services and, minimising this risk is key in the use of our pro-active battery management programme.  We aim to work with you to ensure you understand what, and how much equipment you are going to need specifically for the workshop ensuring you’re vehicles run smoothly.

As part of our commitment to our customers, we would welcome the opportunity in visiting your workshop to demonstrate our equipment, and gain a better understanding of how our services and support can help you achieve a proactive ongoing battery management programme.

Emergency Services

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CTEK MXS25 EC Charger
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£1,140.00 £950.00
Powervamp 12/24v Tower Pack
£1,050.00 £875.00
Ctek MXTS 40
£516.00 £430.00
EOBD Memory Saver
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Printer/Charger Adaptor
£17.46 £14.55

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