Battery failure is responsible for 80%* of roadside breakdowns, meaning businesses who rely on truck and vehicle transport can end up facing significant costs in breakdown recoveries, and workshop expenses. This is something that can be easily avoided with the implementation of a correct battery management programme, which can be tailored specifically for the relevant application.

Whilst unplanned breakdown costs can have a drastic impact on a business, regardless of the size of fleet, the problem stretches much further than this. Truck and transport breakdowns can leave goods not being delivered on time, or services not being carried out, causing a significant negative impact on customer service, and ultimately losing trust.

It is important that your truck fleet is not left stranded. Now is the time to invest in intelligent battery testing and charging equipment to keep your trucks on the road, doing what they do best.

*data taken from ROBIS.

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Delivering Reliability on Time

One of the biggest causes of truck and lorry downtime is battery-related issues, largely because of a non-existent or unreliable battery management programme. Implementing a testing and charging service within a truck workshop can dramatically increase productivity, vehicle reliability, and income.

Trucks play a crucial role within supply chain operations, from delivering materials long distance, to distributing end products all over the world. Without the use of trucks and lorries, many industries and sectors across the country would be impacted by higher costs, slower delivery times, and reduced customer relationships.

Effective Truck and Lorry Battery Management

Our battery management programmes are designed to be integrated within an established workshop service, to identify potential defects before trucks fail to start. This allows workshop technicians to charge unbalanced batteries, whilst replacing faulty batteries.

Battery testing and charging can be conducted quickly and easily, rectifying time-consuming and costly non-starts with minimal effort. To ensure technicians are equipped with the best skills possible for identifying issues, we can provide exclusive training sessions to streamline productivity.

Servicing and calibration services can also be provided to keep battery testers in quality condition, so they are able to provide accurate battery readings. Our products can service common truck battery types such as AGM, Flooded or EFB batteries. The Midtronics EXP1000FHD, or CXPRO 50/2 charger, are recommended for these applications. It’s important to use high-quality equipment, like our truck and lorry battery charger and tester range.

Our battery management reporting platform, ROBIS, is also designed to effortlessly integrate within a workshop environment. ROBIS allows workshop managers and technicians to access a wide variety of live data, detailing the status of their batteries from anywhere, in real-time. We believe ROBIS is crucial for identifying defects before they become costly, whilst maintaining return on investment.

Regardless of your battery maintenance requirements, we have the technical knowledge, and quality products, to make sure trucks can get to where they need to be, without battery faults. See our lorry and truck battery charger and tester equipment.

Battery Testing

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