Busses and public service vehicles must be kept running efficiently at all times of the year, to ensure revenue and customer trust isn’t lost. Battery management plays a crucial role, reducing potential non-starts and vehicle battery failure, which means it’s important to have the correct battery diagnostic tester to keep everything running optimally.

Rotronics hold over 15 years of expert knowledge in battery management for bus fleet workshops, proven to extend battery performance and reliability.

With bespoke battery management programmes, using unmatched Midtronics battery testers and CTEK battery chargers, training can be provided to your bus workshops to ensure maximum ROI.

Take a look at our bus battery testers, chargers and power packs below.

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The Cost of Downtime

In the United Kingdom, there are approximately 32,000 buses operating throughout the year. This has allowed passengers to make approximately 4.07 billion journeys in 2019 and 2020. The Public Service Vehicle industry is of huge importance, allowing people to get to where they need to be, on time.

The industry also provides a variety of career opportunities. If a bus experiences a non-start due to battery-related problems, it can be costly not only for the passenger but for the operating company. Company reputations are put at risk and revenue opportunities are lost. It’s important that buses have a strict, efficient, and proactive battery management programme, to test for defects, charge when necessary, and identify replacement requirements before detrimental non-starts occur. The operating system of a bus requires significantly more power than typical vehicles, due to the higher number of passengers involved. This can place a higher strain on the battery overall, increasing the chances of defects or failure.

Our Solution

Buses commonly operate under a predictable workflow, which makes the vehicles suitable for a planned battery management programme. With our extensive technical battery management knowledge, we can provide bus fleets and public service vehicle workshops, with an experienced consultant, to identify the best solution for maintaining vehicle operation.

The appropriate bus battery tester and charger will be supplied, alongside appropriate training to ensure workshop technicians will get the most out of their new equipment. Compatible battery testers can print battery test results, to increase the ease of readability.

Using the correct battery testers and chargers, alongside ROBIS, our innovative diagnostic portal, allows the testing frequency to be tracked, alongside battery concerns and warranty claims. Our best-selling bus fleet products include the Midtronics EXP1000FHD tester and the CXPRO 50/2 charger. These quality devices can service common bus batteries such as AGM, and EFB batteries.

Battery Testing

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