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What you need to know about EFB’s (Enhanced Flooded Batteries)

EFB Battery Testing, what you need to know

Does your tester have the ability in testing EFB Battery technology?
Many tester manufacturers claim their testers have the ability to accurately test EFB batteries, which at face value is true.
However there are many EFB's out there that can only be tested using specifically designed algorithms, a technology that can only be found in the use of Midtronics dedicated EFB testing platform.

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Top Tips

Caring for your customers’ vehicles’ during Covid-19

The Covid-19 crisis will be having a huge impact on your customers vehicles due to them sitting stationary for many weeks now. Batteries will be heavily discharged, and the overall health condition of the battery will be depleting. Rotronics specialises in the supply, service and repairs of battery diagnostic technology to many sectors including our […]

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How to look after your commercial fleet during COVID-19, and any future down-time.

During the Covid-19 crisis you will be dealing with such challenging situations, and it’s likely that your fleet vehicles will have been sitting stationary for weeks, if not months. During downtime the health of your fleets’ batteries will be heavily discharged, and now is the time to action against deteriorating battery health before solutions becoming […]

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Battery Chargers for Stationary Vehicles

The risk of keeping a vehicle stationary for several weeks or months can be extremely costly, regardless of the vehicle age or manufacturer. The most common issue a vehicle encounters after being off the road and out of use for as little as a couple of weeks, is battery failure. Drivers are aware that they should often check tyre pressure and tread, engine oil and coolant, but surprisingly battery health is too often neglected and is not thought about until it’s too late.

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Battery Testers

If you are about to embark on buying a battery tester, know exactly what you want the tester to do...

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Battery Chargers

If you are about to embark on buying a battery charger, make sure that you know exactly what type of batteries you want to charge eg Flooded, AGM, GEL, EFB and lithium ion technologies – all of which have different charging characteristics.

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Once you have made a reasonable investment in your battery charger or tester, think about which accessories are required to improve workshop efficiencies and sales opportunities.

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Power Packs

The fist thing to be aware of is that a huge number of units are available on the market – some great and some terrible.

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Batteries can be volatile; especially in confined spaces. So, understanding the safety features is key.

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Are you winter ready? 

Winter is at the same time every year, but every year the majority of automotive and fleet transport owners, managers and users are ill-prepared for what is around the corner.
The chill of winter can affect a battery’s performance by up to 50%, so the Rotronics team has come up with some tips for you to help keep your vehicles on the road when you want them to be.

Regardless of what happens to the temperatures, the darker nights are a certainty and we need to give urgent thought to the extra loads that will be going on to vehicles.

There will be increased power demands due to lighting, heating systems, electrics, heated seats and de-misting windows and all of these elements put much more excessive drains on vehicles and therefore battery charging and testing is vital.

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